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1998.5 Dodge Ram Gets an Audio Makeover

We recently freshened up a 1998.5 Dodge Ram pickup truck’s sound system. We were told with much pride that this is the owner’s dream truck, and this build was tackled with attention and care as if it were ours. A new sound system is just one step in a series of upgrades inside and out, and we delivered big smiles.

Out With The Old, De-Cluttering

A triple gauge pod needed to come out and some of the wiring under the hood was in bad shape. We removed the gauge pod and associated wires and tubes, and the dual batteries were removed for cleaning and ground and power wire replacement.

The New Audio Equipment Featuring Cerwin Vega Mobile

1998.5 Dodge Ram with Pioneer DEH-8700BS, Cerwin Vega bass knob by the cup holders, BT mic on top of the steering column
1998.5 Dodge Ram with Pioneer DEH-8700BS


The vehicle received a load of Cerwin Vega equipment, a Pioneer in-dash head unit, SiriusXM sat radio, and a long range Solace two-way remote auto starter kit. Next we will show you the treatment the doors received. The outer and inner skins were lined with Cerwin Vega Bass Mat. This cuts down on vibrations, insulates from heat and cold, and it improves bass. The front doors don’t have the clearance for the Vega series 6×9 speakers, so ABS 1/4″ adapter plates were fabricated to fit Vega 6.5″ speakers.

The Amplifier – Compact and Seemingly Endless Power

Not flush with extra interior space, the only logical choice was a small 5-channel amplifier. Cerwin Vega delivered big time with V1100.5, which is rated to produce 80W x 4 at 4 ohms and 500W at 1 ohm on the subwoofer channel.

10″ Subwoofers and a Unique Enclosure

The bass is provided by a pair of Cerwin Vega Vega Pro Shallow 10″ subwoofers. These are rated at 300W RMS. A ready made enclosure isn’t good enough, so we put NET Audio of Wichita Falls, TX to the task of designing and building a fiberglass ported enclosure. They did an outstanding job, as usual. The rear seat still latches, the bass is killer, and our client was blown away.