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1998 Pontiac Firebird Audio Installation by Easy Way Electronics

Pontiac Firebird in front of the store

What we are featuring in this article is a complete car audio system install in a customer’s 1998 Pontiac Firebird. This is an incredible vehicle which came to us with a 600 HP engine fully upgraded with supporting modifications. It is truly a ferocious muscle car, but the audio system was sorely lacking. The customer decided it was time to replace the 10-speaker Monsoon premium sound system. If you want to skip the text scroll down for the photo gallery with full annotations.

The car is owned by a local young Langdon resident named Justin J. He came to us with a list of gear and a good idea of what kind of performance he wanted out of his stereo. We did our very best to give him the best equipment to match his preferences, vehicle constraints, and budget. Happy customers keep a business afloat.


  • Minimize lost hatch space
  • Maintain stock appearance
  • Improve sound quality
  • Clean music without excessive bass that can overpower engine and exhaust noise

Equipment List:

  • JVC Arsenal KD-AR815 AM/FM/CD Receiver with Bluetooth
  • Precision Power E.DZ equalizer
  • CDT Audio HD-62AS Anniversary System 2-Way 6.5″ Component Speakers with UpStage tweeters
  • CDT Audio HD-65NX 6.5″ rear coaxials
  • CDT Audio HD-1000CF 10″ carbon fiber subwoofer
  • Stealth subwoofer enclosure provided by customer
  • Massive Audio Nano Block NX4 100W x 4 front stage amplifier
  • Massive Audio Nano Block N2 800W x 1 at 1 Ohm subwoofer amplifier
  • Massive Audio CAP 4 4 Farad capacitor
  • Raptor PKBL5 0 gauge dual amplifier installation kit
  • Tsunami RTP950 RCA Interconnects
  • PAC SW1-JACK steering wheel control interface module

Some modifications were required to fit both the front components and the rear coaxials. The factory Monsoon system has a tweeter and small woofer mounted on either side in the hatch, which we did not use. The “sail panels” in the back seat area got the CDT Audio HD-65NX coaxials. The screw holes did not line up so I drilled 2 new holes per speaker. The front doors house an oversized 6.5″ woofer, but the CDT Audio HD-6 woofers have a basket that will not fit the stock brackets. We had 1/4″ MDF baffle rings on hand that we used for clearance. Further clearancing was performed on the inside of the door panel. The main tweeters merely required their grilles to be removed, after which modification they dropped into the factory tweeter locations.


The amplifier mounting solution was a critical step that had to be executed in a very small amount of space. The photos will explain quite well what was done with the Massive Audio Nano Block amplifiers. The factory amplifier bracket was used with the new amplifiers sandwiched back to back.


A standard dash kit was used to mount the JVC head unit, so there wasn’t room to mount the Precision Power equalizer. The customer requested to have the EQ mounted in the center console, and he got what he asked for. He retains most of his storage space while gaining additional tuning and level adjustments. Passersby won’t see anything but an aftermarket head unit.


What follows is a build photo log. I apologize for the photos not being in chronological order and the size and quality changing, but they came from 4 different sources. This project was a collaboration between Roger Schanz and Barry Schanz. Roger somehow managed to not appear in any photos. Thank you for visiting our web site.