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Adding Bass to Factory GMC Sierra Sound System

This 2009 extended cab GMC Sierra came in as a father-to-son referral job for Blake. The factory sound system wasn’t doing the bass up to his standard. I had previously handled a routine radio + 4 speaker installation in a college runner car for them. That turned into a bit more than I expected, as it was discovered the rear window had been shattered, then replaced poorly. However, it was all smiles when they took delivery and he came back for a second round of audio work on a newer vehicle.

Have you ever thought twice about changing your sound system in your vehicle because you expected to sacrifice too much space? Our design philosophy is to keep things stock looking as much as possible, and a subwoofer enclosure under the rear seat is a great solution for adding bass without sacrificing seats.

The subwoofer enclosure is critical to getting great bass.

We have partnered with NET Audio of Wichita Falls, TX, to provide custom built sub enclosures. A pair of Pioneer shallow 12″ subwoofers, a Pioneer bass amplifier, a DB Link amplifier installation kit and some miscellaneous wiring bits rounded off the parts list.


Equipment List:

How did it turn out? Adding bass with this approach is a smile maker. The bass hits you in the chest, and Blake’s truck has plenty of bottom end to compliment any future audio upgrades.

Barry Schanz
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