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Audio and Electronics Resources

audio and electronics resources
The author -Barry Schanz
The author -Barry Schanz

There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom, and it’s taken me a long time to learn the field of audio reproduction is plagued with a lot of bad data. What I want you to do is review the resources below and start digging in to one thing that catches your attention the most. Due to third party contributions and the rapid pace of change online I can’t guarantee the availability or complete accuracy of these resources. Please leave a comment if you find a bad link.

V1.2 Revised last on 7-6-2018

Resources for New Explorers

Basic Car Audio Electronics banner – The author, Perry Babin, poured a LOT of effort into this resource. Warning: the web site is very dated and it might give you trouble displaying correctly on your mobile devices. banner -Free Vehicle Wiring, Relay Diagrams, and Technical Information for Mobile Electronics Installers, Enthusiasts, and Do-It-Yourselfers since 1999

How To: Size Your Audio System To Your Electrical System

What Should I Do If My Lights Dim to the Bass? Capacitors, Batteries, and More


Sound Damping Series, Part 1 – These are the “Room Treatments” and “speaker cabinet treatments” that are part of the foundation of a proper sound system. Follow my journey of learning about sound damping with this article series.

Power Ratings: What Do They Mean?

Resources for Rising Stars

Sound Deadener Showdown Your Source for Sound Deadening Products and Information

Phase, Time and Distortion in Loudspeakers

Troubleshooting Noise

Woofer Box Aiming – Please note this is an incomplete analysis, but it is worth moving your sub box if you can try it.

Parametric Equalizer – What is It? Learn This Powerful Tool You Paid For

JL Audio School of Sound Presentation Video – This is a long video on YouTube that contains some invaluable material that may transform the way you design and install car audio systems.

The Engineering Toolbox - Amps and Wire Gauge - 12V Circuit– Why does it matter what size, or gauge, of wire we use for power, ground, and speakers? This page gives one part of the answer to that question.

Getting Grounded – Excellent article regarding grounding our equipment in the car.

Resources for Car Audio Freaks

Harman’s How To Listen Software How do I become a trained listener? Why should I want to do that? Harman International researchers developed this software in response to ABX loudspeaker listening tests. How can we take an average person, with normal hearing, and have them train on their own time to become a skilled listener of music?

Understanding Skin Effect and Frequency – This explains why skin effect IS NOT relevant to what we do with car audio.

Speaker Crossover Chart and Capacitance vs. Frequency Calculator(High-pass) – I use this for selecting capacitors for back-up protection on active tweeter channels.

To Cap or Not to Cap? Tweeters in Systems with Active Crossovers

The Low-Down on Dispersion – A very quick summary, with graphic illustrations, of speaker dispersion. This is sometimes given the misnomer of “beaming”.

Damping Factor: Effects On System Response – If you read only one article discussing damping factor, a topic of shrouded in mythology, read this.

Woofer Speed – Can a speaker lag behind the notes? Is a subwoofer quick?

 “This Has Gone Too Far, But I Must Know More”

Sound Reproduction: The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms – This is a phenomenal book about audio recording and reproduction and the human hearing system. One sentence can’t possibly summarize the information and wisdom in these pages. A must-have for anyone serious about designing audio playback systems.

Sound Reproduction: The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms (Audio Engineering Society Presents) 3rd Edition
Sound Reproduction: The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms (Audio Engineering Society Presents) 3rd Edition

 Myth Busting

Vented boxes are not for SQ? Myth!

Myth: Setting the amplifier gain higher makes the amplifier work harder

Myth Busting: Music is Pristine

Design or Measurement Tools

Acoustic Measurement Test Gear – the comprehensive kit to pair with your laptop and Room EQ Wizard.

Room EQ Wizard

REW Forum

Introduction to Oscilloscopes

WinISD Pro speaker enclosure modeling software

Mobile Solutions – Automotive Aftermarket Tools and Training

Barry Schanz

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