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Audio Upgrades Phase 1: ’08 Ford F-150 Supercrew

2009 Ford F-150 Crew Cab

The owner of this vehicle came to us after Barry had worked on his son’s vehicle. That feeling from good music in the car is infectious, right? It was time to put some money into making this F-150 a more enjoyable ride, and we agreed on a bass package and a GPS navigation head unit for the dash. The factory sound system was a total letdown, and it was time to do away with the satnav box stuck to the windshield.

Barry was given a budget and told to do what he thought was best. This meant going with some products that have stood the test of reliability, ease of use, sound quality and bang-for-your-buck. These factors matter more than the brand names, but it’s a Clarion head unit, CDT Audio subwoofers, T-Spec power and signal cables, a Precision Power amplifier, and an Atrend perfect fit enclosure.

Equipment List:

  • Clarion NX603 GPS Navigation with Smart Access
  • CDT Audio HD-1000CF 10″ carbon fiber subwoofer x 2
  • Precision Power iON i650.1 650W subwoofer amplifier
  • T-Spec V10-4RAK 4 awg oxygen free copper amplifier wiring kit with RCA
  • Atrend dual 10″ underseat enclosure, bedliner finish

One of the most important goals for any amplifier installation is safety. There’s a big difference between a functional installation and a factory fit installation. Cutting corners can get you back on the road quickly, but you want your money going to that extra labor to do the job right. Every aspect of the wire routing and fuse holder placement under the hood is to keep it neat and tidy, for life. Several ground wire connections were improved by removing paint and sealing the joint with silicone or rubberized undercoating to prevent corrosion. A supplemental 4 awg chassis ground was added between the negative battery terminal and the firewall. At this time there was not enough money in the budget, nor adequate current draw from new equipment to justify the full Big 3 upgrade.

Every aspect of the wire routing and fuse holder placement under the hood is to keep it neat and tidy, for life. – Barry Schanz

Phase 2?

The customer has already discussed bringing the vehicle back for more upgrades. There was a great improvement to the sound with the added bass and the Clarion head unit. The future may bring all new speakers, another amplifier, and an equalizer. There’s room next to the i650.1 for a matching i520.4 4-channel amplifier.

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