Barry Schanz

Barry is on the right
Barry is on the right

Barry Schanz

I BELIEVE we all need a good way to tune out distractions.
It’s vital to be able to focus on what really matters because distractions override what really matters.
One of the spaces with the highest need to focus and tune out distractions is the car. I also believe that one of the places we need to tune in the most is in the car.
I help people tune out distractions with premium audio systems. 


I dig in to your unique situation and give you expert information and a carefully crafted plan. 
Audio systems are in my blood. This obsession started for me at a very young age. I got started in car audio at 14, when I was just old enough to drive legally.
I specialize in Sound Quality car audio systems with the ability to accurately reproduce a music performance.
My skills are built on the foundations of home and car audio, Pro Audio mixing and recording, live music performances as a trumpet player and watching bands, attending training seminars and studying from the best. 
I’ve helped an audiophile, Adam J., who reached out for help from a distance. I sent him a car audio system that didn’t work out the first time, and once he acted on my recommended change he told me that was exactly what was needed.
Are you open to act on coaching? Do you place a high value in mentors? 

David P. of Massachusetts – There was a high standard in David’s mind from a past car audio system which he wanted to not only bring back in a newer vehicle, but out-perform. This is not easy to do. 

Have you heard of the “Holy S*%&” reaction? A great car audio sound system is almost magical. Together we can make it work.

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