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Curious About Electronics? A Great YouTube Channel

I grew up around electronics, back when home computers were just getting popular and almost no one had one in their home. I remember playing with my dad’s old electronics hobby kit, building an am/fm radio on a bread board and learning the very basics about how those kinds of things work. One of my favorite books was ‘The Way Things Work’ by David Macaulay. This was an illustrated book for children that really helped to cultivate my desire to work on projects with my hands, make things move with motors, light up, and make noises. Today we have virtually unlimited free resources for education available online, and I stumbled across a wonderful YouTube channel dedicated to electronics engineering.

EEVBlog on YouTube

The channel is called EEVblog, produced by and starring Electrical Engineer Dave Jones. His video blog’s tag line is “NO SCRIPT, NO FEAR, ALL OPINION An Off-The-Cuff Video Blog for Electronics Engineers, Hobbyists, Hackers and Makers”. I don’t recall the first video I saw of his, but what drew me in was his obvious enthusiasm for the topic, and his apparent deep knowledge of electronics.

Dave doesn’t only have the YouTube channel, but I’m familiar with it so that’s all I’m going to cover. He’s been running the channel since 2009, and today EEVblog is a full time project supported by donations, ad revenue, and merchandise sales. He does a lot of reviews of test equipment, such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, power supplies, and so on. My favorite videos are his teardown videos, in which he takes a piece of equipment apart all the way down to the circuit boards. This is not only entertaining but educational, as he goes over the units in detail including device spec sheets, circuit flow, critiquing build quality and layout, and so on. The best thing about this is he doesn’t hold back in his opinions, especially when he doesn’t like something. You have to appreciate that kind of honesty these days.

Check it out! Before you know it you might have killed a few hours watching these videos. Dave is from Australia, so some of the brands of products he reviews might be less familiar if you’re in the U.S., but he covers the big players in the industry.

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