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Introducing Backyard Installers on YouTube

I stumbled across another awesome car audio channel on YouTube called ‘Backyard Installers’. This is another resource that is basically one knowledgeable and passionate guy sharing what he knows about an area he’s dedicated a large chunk of his life to. Backyard Installers is presented by Matt Borgardt, formerly of Image Dynamics.

Background InstallersHere’s the mission statement and description of this channel:


Backyard Installers is about teaching and learning a very wide range of subjects with out bias. I just want people to learn something they did not know and expand their horizons…


When I was growing up Knowledge was a wide range of subjects. not teach to a test. Having two teachers in the family, I have come to find out how really bad our schools have become.

I might not have all the answers ” and that’s for sure ” but having a community of people will help.

You can also find Matt at on the message forum, along with the users of this little community. I haven’t yet spent any real amount of time on the site but the videos are a good sign that there’s more valuable content to be found there. What is the point of looking up car audio installation methods if you take your car to a professional? Why look at books about the space shuttle if you can’t be an astronaut? Curiosity is a good thing and you might develop a closer relationship with your local shop if you can peek inside the mind of a veteran installer.

Here’s a sample video that I like because of Matt’s explanation of factory engine ground and power wires in a common sedan.

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Barry Schanz