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Myth Busting: Music is Pristine

Myth Busting Music is Pristine Photo by Simon Shim on Unsplash

It’s time for some myth busting! Let us not put our music collections on a pedestal. Let us also not discard a song or album because it doesn’t sound “good enough”. There’s a belief held by some audio enthusiasts that the music must pass from media to the ears with as few alterations as possible. 

We know music quality isn’t consistent. In later articles this concept will be explored in depth.

I don’t want you to pass up a good time just because some music needs some help to sound better.

Scenario A

Car Audio DSPs and Tablet Tuners

Joshua shared in the Facebook group ‘Car Audio DSPs and Tablet Tuners’ the following question.

So can anyone help me narrow down frequencies that are too strong in songs? Right now, its so powerful my ears actually hurt. only certain songs ( i love tbh )

Scenario B

Strictly Sound Quality

A fun new album recommendation was shared with the community of FB group ‘Strictly Sound Quality’, a discerning audience, even though the mix isn’t great.

Album recommendation Ghost BC Prequelle

The mix could have been better for sound quality. Does it mean the music is the problem? A comment from the discussion:

Yacdiel Ruiz Pretty good a bit bass heavy

What You Should Do

Do I hit Delete and throw out the album because the bass is too forward? No. It’s not a problem in all situations. In my vehicle I address this by turning down the bass tone control.

There’s more information to guide you in your ways of adjusting the sound system to account for music production variations.

Never Use Bass Boost! Misguided Advice and What to Do

More myth busting articles to come. More technical articles to come. Leave a comment to let me know what you want to see. 

Do you like this type of content? Does it suck? I want your input! 

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