CDT Audio HD-M6 Plus DVC 6.8″ Long Excursion Audiophile Subwoofers


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CDT Audio

Created by the best musical minds of Europe and the USA

Our goal: to bring together the best musical minds of Europe and America to produce the worlds finest audiophile automotive speakers…speakers built by fanatics, for fanatics, unhampered by big corporate inertia that typically stifles change and innovation.

CDT Audio is a dedicated “audiophile only” company and does not participate in or service the mainstream “Boom-Boom” car audio market. CDT Audio products are marketed and sold on “word of mouth” not on massive marketing budgets. Our philosophy is to reproduce music with a minimum of fuss and hassle…and a maximum of musical purity. Our bottom line is genuine design and engineering = true high fidelity performance and maximum smiles.

CDT Audio HD-M6+ DVC 6.8″ Long Excursion Audiophile Subwoofers

Decades of experience and evolution to refine their craft has resulted in this New for 2016 6.5″ midbass speaker, ES-6AS. CDT brings it on every level from stunning looks to heft to performance.

The mounting depth was kept under 3″ and the diameter is the common 6.5″ instead of an oversized basket. This makes these woofers fit more vehicles, like yours.

Got a lot of amplifier power? Good, these will take it. Set your high pass filter at 60-80 Hz.

Running an active system? This is our specialty. Ask us for help.

The Technical Stuff:

  • Diameter: 6.81″ (173 mm)
  • Sensitivity: 85.6 dB 1W/1M
  • Power handling: 75W RMS (150W Peak)
  • Frequency response: 50 Hz – 3,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 4 ohms x 2 
  • Voice coil diameter: 1.4″ (35.4 mm)
  • X-max: 5.3 mm
  • Peak X-max: 10.6 mm
  • Magnet weight: 20.8 Oz

Thiele-Small Parameters and more

  • Fs: 51.6 Hz
  • DCR: 3.0 ohms x 2
  • Le: 2.0 mH
  • Qms: 2.214
  • Qes: 0.395
  • Qts: 0.335
  • Vas: 6.825L (0.24 ft3)
  • Mms: 22.98 g
  • BL: 10.79 T


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