CDT Audio MX-3693 6×9 and 3 Inch 3 Way Component Speakers


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CDT Audio

MX-3693 6×9 and 3 Inch 3 Way Component Speakers – Created by the best musical minds of Europe and the USA

Our goal: to bring together the best musical minds of Europe and America to produce the worlds finest audiophile automotive speakers…speakers built by fanatics, for fanatics, unhampered by big corporate inertia that typically stifles change and innovation.

CDT Audio is a dedicated “audiophile only” company and does not participate in or service the mainstream “Boom-Boom” car audio market. CDT Audio products are marketed and sold on “word of mouth” not on massive marketing budgets. Our philosophy is to reproduce music with a minimum of fuss and hassle…and a maximum of musical purity. Our bottom line is genuine design and engineering = true high fidelity performance and maximum smiles.

MX-designs 3-Way Systems
MX-designs by CDT Audio
3-Way Systems

Introducing the simplest, most flexible audiophile 3-way speaker systems you have ever heard.

No other manufacturer comes close!

Flexibility! We can’t stress this enough against competing systems. These systems can be tailored for anything you want, even as a 2-way that can be upgraded to a 3-way. MX–designs – a car audio installers dream. Our first goal was to engineer and develop the most versatile, flexible, and compact audiophile car audio sound system ever conceived. Any “way” is possible. Woofer, midrange, and/or tweeter may be used in any combination with adjustability and tuning options never seen before the birth of the sound systems.

Technical specs and contents

  • 1 pair 6X9” woven carbon fiber woofer
  • 1 pair 3” midrange speaker
  • 1 pair 1.1” silk dome Imaging tweeter
  • 1 pair MX-1000SX flexible crossovers
  • Frequency response: 30 Hz – 20,000 Hz
  • Power handling: 230W RMS with filter
  • Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 90.7 dB
  • Mounting depth of 6×9 is 3.5″ 
  • Magnet weight 30 Oz
  • 6X9” woofer Voice coil diameter: 2.0”
  • 3″ midrange mounting depth 1.69″
  • 3″ midrange overall diameter 3.70″

3" midrange dimensional drawing

Place the Band On Your Dashboard

Universal fit silk dome MX-1i Imaging Tweeters

Use the windshield to direct the sound and forget about cutting or building fiberglass tweeter pods.

CDT Audio Imaging Tweeter
CDT Audio Imaging Tweeter

Passive Crossovers

5-position Tweeter level
Select tweeter HPF 2nd or 5th order
24 possible tweeter setting combinations
5-position Mid level
Select Woofer HPF frequency
Select Woofer HPF slope

With the tweeters on the windshield, mids in the dashboard, and woofers in the front doors the design target is a 3-way configuration with the woofer-mid acoustic crossover at around 1 kHz, and between 3-8 kHz for mid-range to the tweeter.

Additional information

Slim Depth Woofer Substitution

Substitution – Send me slim 6×9 woofers (2.87" mounting depth)


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