Ultimate Audiophile Tweeters CRM-01Be


Ultimate Audiophile Tweeters by CDT Audio of Buellton, CA

This audiophile grade 1” beryllium tweeter has the ability to resolve the finest nuances in sound reproduction.

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Ultimate Audiophile Tweeters by CDT Audio of Buellton, CA

This CRM-01Be audiophile grade 1” beryllium tweeter has the ability to resolve the finest nuances in sound reproduction.

Beryllium is a material characterized by great stiffness, light weight, and high damping. Therefore, the beryllium diaphragm offers all the properties required to reproduce excellent sound. The sound of a beryllium tweeter raises the resolution to the highest level thus seeming to literally disappear. It has very low distortion and the distinct clarity that displays brings out the best in all types of music.

Add some outrageously fine detail for a 2-way or 3-way speaker system. Custom installation would be ideal for use in the car to maximize the sweet spot, or imagine fastening these into custom hardwood cabinets for your home’s music room.

We can help to connect you with a speaker cabinet builder or vehicle audio installation and fabrication technician.

The author -Barry Schanz
The author -Barry Schanz


It’s Saturday night and I’ve been spending time, out in the brisk 45 degree weather, on my car audio system. It’s completely worth it as I am blown away by what I’ve just experienced.

I’ve been extremely blessed to have many moments in my life with music that made me grin like an idiot and laugh with pure joy. When it comes to equipment changes with my car audio system it has happened tonight and I’m excited to share. 

“Don’t fix what isn’t broken.” It wasn’t broken. I fixed it. Enter the ES-01Be beryllium tweeters.

I needed to try something that seemed too good to live up to the description. You’ve already looked at it if you’re reading this. It’s all true. ES-01Be is a godly tweeter. 

The tweeters are fully visible, aimed at my ears from sail panel pods next to the side mirrors, but they completely disappear to the ear. It’s strange but I have no other way to say it. 

The beryllium tweeters replaced ES-1200iS. Wonderful tweeters. I’ve heard countless speakers in my 36 years but of CDT tweeters I can recall trying TW-25, DRT-26S, DRT-26A, WS-100i, HD-1A/BL, ES-02BL. Neutral and transparent is a difficult target. Congratulations to CDT Audio and to anyone who makes the investment in ES-01Be. 

Barry Schanz

Ken Persson, Owner of CDT Audio
Your tweeters will be assembled by the hands of CDT Audio’s owner, Ken Persson.
The Technical Stuff:
  • Diameter: 1.0″ (25 mm)
  • Sensitivity: 90.9 dB
  • Power handling: 90W RMS
  • Frequency response: 1,000 – 40,000 Hz
  • Nominal impedance: 4 ohms
  • Voice coil diameter: 26 mm
  • Dome: Beryllium
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Mounting hole diameter: 2.44″ (62 mm)
  • Outside diameter: 3.31″ (75 mm)
  • Mounting depth: 1.1″ (28 mm)

Thiele-Small Parameters and more

  • Fs: 750 Hz
  • DCR: 2.85 ohms
  • Le at 1 kHz: 0.03 mH
  • Qms: 4.02
  • Qes: 2.18
  • Qts: 1.41
  • BL: 1.2 Tm
  • Max impedance at resonance: 11.2 ohms

Important Notes About Crossovers:

There are no crossovers included. We are happy to recommend passive crossovers. The Rubyserv official recommended starting point for active crossovers is 3,000 Hz at 12 dB/octave. If you will use more than 90W RMS per tweeter a steeper slope is strongly recommended. Install 63 uF 100V bipolar capacitors in line with the speaker wires for extra protection outside the pass-band.

The product warranty does not cover abuse or equipment failure that causes a full range signal to damage the tweeters.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

Polished Aluminum, Black


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