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Response to Tip of the Day: Subwoofer Positioning

Subwoofer Positioning

Matthew Allen Clark administrator of Real Car Audio Help on FacebookMatthew Allen Clark shared a Tip of the Day regarding subwoofer positioning in his wonderful group,

Real Car Audio Help

Since my perspective on bass is coming from sound quality, both my own experiences and what research has shown, I want to add an important note:
Bass is said to make 30% of the total product of what anyone will consider to be good sound quality for music reproduction. Thirty percent. This is not a small factor.
In a car one of the biggest enemies to sound quality, once we get the basics of good quality audio parts and the installation handled, the biggest enemy is going to be vibrations, rattles and resonances.
We’re adding energy and pressure to a closet-sized space built of sheet metal and thin molded plastics layered on top of each other. It wants to “talk” back. If you learn to appreciate great sounding bass, which anyone with normal hearing can do(and maybe even the hearing impaired) you will need to discover where the offensive noise sources are in your own vehicle. Some of this only happens by testing. Sometimes you can learn from the experiences of others who own the same vehicle.
Positioning the subwoofer, if you have the freedom of several choices, must also take into consideration how the vehicle will talk back as the music is played loudly.
I found that placing the subwoofer enclosure to face the rear of my sedan would cause no end to the rattles. I documented much of my acoustic treatment experiments in the series of articles starting with this one: 

How to Improve Your Vehicle’s Bass – Sound Damping Part 1

What I have yet to show in detail is what I did that made the biggest improvement to “clean up” the bass, BY FAR.
Sorry to leave you with that teaser. Watch for more tips soon.
Barry Schanz