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Eric S, Texas

This by far has been the best customer service experience I’ve ever had. Promp, courteous,and very helpful. Thanks Barry.

Ben C, Kentucky

For his wife’s 2011 Subarau Forester, Ben wanted a significant improvement to the sound for him and his wife to enjoy on long trips. His front speakers are a customized CDT MX-Designs 3-way system, 6.5″, 2″ and 1″. The rear fill speakers are CDT HD-6EX. The amplifier for the front speakers and his subwoofer is Precision Power P900.4.

The setup is ULTRA clean… No audible distortion at 39/40 on the deck with amp gain at 5/8 of the way up.

Also I have NO high pass crossover on the set right now and there is 0 strain!!! The wife is amazed!  You did a GREAT job helping me spec this!

Brian M, California

I bought the Precision Power Phantom amps last week! 600.2 and the 1000.1. Thanks again for the great service and advice and price!

Joe C, Oregon

Joe has a pair of our CDT HD-6EX 6.5″ speakers.

I got the speakers installed last night and wanted to let you know that they sound amazing, one of the best sets I have ever had. I’m pretty happy with them, sounds great with my subs. Thank you again really appreciate it have a great Christmas and a happy new year.

Dave M, Ontario, Canada

Dave was looking for a full system upgrade for his Acura CSX. I helped out with CDT Audio HD-61A and CL-6EX speakers, Precision Power P900.4 and i650.1 amplifiers, and a dual amplifier installation kit by Tsunami. It took several weeks to iron out the details, but you can read for yourself how it turned out:

All said and done and I am one happy man! The speakers sound fantastic. Still tweaking a bit of course but overall I am 100% satisfied which is extremely rare for me. Thanks again for all your help, you have a customer for life Barry.

Chauncey E, Georgia

Chauncey contacted us looking for a new addition to his front stage speakers. He has the CDT Audio HD-62AS Anniversary System as well as the JBL MS-8 digital signal processor. Here is what he had to say about his purchase and the results:

I never usually take the time to express how pleased I am with a product. However, you guys recommended the HD-2BL and I have to say I love them. I finally installed the JBL MS-8 on all my CDT’s. All the installers at Sound Sensations in Marietta, GA could not believe the clean and clear sound the CDT’s produced.

 Carolyn K, Illinois

Carolyn received a Precision Power P900.4 amplifier and a set of HD-62 components by CDT Audio.

The parts look GREAT and I CANNOT wait to get them installed and see how it all sounds.

Thank you SO much for all of your help and patience through the entire purchasing process when it came down to choosing components, etc..

Joel C, Texas

I set up Joel with matching Precision Power Phantom speaker and subwoofer amplifiers and a pair of CDT Audio HD-1200CF 12″ subwoofers.

Everything is in the car and it sounds incredible.  Those subs are really good. Thanks again for all of your help.

Jarrod, Oregon

I got my HD-62AS …in yesterday evening and started playing with them. Holy Cow! I love the way they sound. I thought my Polk Momo’s had good midbass and smooth highs. They’re lacking compared to the CDT’s. My tweeters ended up in the sail panels where my previous tweeters were (even though CDT and everybody else says not to do that) because it’s one of the only places in the truck for a tweeter to have a stealth install and the silk tweeter is tame enough that it does great up there. In fact, I get less imaging issues and had to use less EQ than I did with the Polk’s. I don’t have the imaging tweeters in yet but I’m going to put them in today and see how it sounds. I’m very glad I went this route instead of spending $50 more on the Hertz High Energy line and probably not having as warm or punchy of a speaker, which is what I like with the type of music I listen to… I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for the deal and getting them out to me so quick.

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I could have purchased my Zapco Z150.4lx Top tier sq amplifier from several dealers or big box websites, but I choose to go through RubyServ and boy I ws glad I did! The service was amazing, Barry kept me up to date on every step of the buying and shipping untill t was in my hands. The Zapco Z-150.4 lx as well as RubyServ’s customer service more then exceeded my expectations and I will be a life time customer! Support your small businesses! They are the back bone of our country!

  2. I recently Ordered a Zapco ST-4X SQ amplifier from Barry.
    The amp is stellar and hard to beat for sound quality at this price point. I am VERY impressed with its performance!
    The level of service I received was also excellent! I will happily do more business with both Zapco and Rubyserv!!
    Thanks again Barry!!

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