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Trust Your Intuition and Your Ears

trust your intuition and your ears

Have you ever sat down to for an event, like you’re out with your special someone to the movies and you got there early. Sweet parking spot, perfect weather. You got the popcorn when it was super fresh and hot. The lights dim way down and someone behind you lets out a cheer because it’s OPENING NIGHT and they waited 3 YEARS for this.

And then you get a few minutes into the movie. Huh? Why is it so hard to understand what they’re saying? Why is the music and the crashes and explosions so OVERPOWERING? Gosh, didn’t they listen to the soundtrack before they put this out? Think this doesn’t happen? 

movie theater audience
audience in a movie theater

Hit blockbuster Dunkirk sparks a flurry of complaints from angry viewers after they say they can’t hear the dialogue

A customer who complained to a London Picturehouse­ cinema said: “We were told they had received complaints about not being able to hear the dialogue after virtually every showing.

If Something Sounds Wrong It Is Wrong

Maybe you’ve never been to a movie and maybe you have, but the dialog wasn’t a problem. If you have, you knew something was wrong and it wasn’t just you. 

You know something is wrong with the sound.

You were in a group, the audience, and you had immediate feedback from the murmurs or complaints from those sitting near you. 

What if you’re alone and listening to a new song and you start to wonder.

Is something wrong with my system? Do I need to clean my ears? Man this sounds a little too crispy, or the bass is too strong, or the singer kind of makes me cringe. She’s a Grammy award-winning artist, surely she warmed up before recording this. 

It could be a bad performance, or a badly done recording, or yes something might be weak about your sound system.

The point is, if it’s bothering you then trust your gut. Trust your ears and trust your intuition.

If Something Sounds Wrong It Is Wrong

What should you do if your vehicle sounds bad? This question has led a lot of people down the rabbit hole of following blue link after blue link, or hopping Facebook Groups. Read, read, read. 

You worked up the courage to post a question. Man these people are talking a new language. I hope I don’t sound dumb.

  • Do I need to buy something?
  • I read that I first need to do X…is this true?
  • Can someone meet me and listen to this? 
  • Should I go to “The Car Audio Shop”? I’m afraid they just want to take my money.

Drop a comment below if this makes you say, “That’s me!”.

Barry Schanz